September 26, 2021


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How Volunteering Promotes Tourism in Poor Countries?

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Volunteering abroad is an act of self-less service that crosses international boundaries to help the destitute community, the less fortunate, or the endangered species in areas that are most in need. The purpose of volunteering may vary according to individuals from academic fulfillment to professional and career improvement. While this act of self-less service benefits the individuals and the local community, it can undoubtedly contribute to the development and promotion of tourism in developing countries, eventually uplifting the economic condition.

Volunteering projects and programs are mostly located in poor countries where it is extremely necessary to help the less fortunate communities, while focusing in the overall social welfare.

Volunteering can promote tourism in a number of ways:

  1. It is the desire to help that takes individuals to all corners of the world. This leads to a huge influx of tourism in host countries bringing in foreign currency in the local market. Volunteering also helps sustain local businesses like hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and airlines, which are all a part of the tourism industry.
  2. One benefit of volunteer travel that cannot be overlooked is the cross-cultural experience and sharing of ideas, understandings and values and norms among people from different walks of life. The end result is a greater acceptance between hosts and guests of other countries hence promoting cultural tourism.
  3. In developing countries, the volunteer projects are usually located in remote and far-off places that severely lack modern day amenities found in city life. When volunteers spend times in rural places, the locals benefit largely from foreign influence that they can incorporate into their own daily lives for a more convenient lifestyle. best attraction Sentosa singapore 
  4. Volunteering also helps sustain tourism in difficult economic times. Global recession has not only hit the US and Europe, but also countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The number of volunteers traveling abroad has not declined significantly since it is seen more as a “guilt free” travel. People feel more at ease when spending their hard earned dollars not for a lavish travel package, but for the sake of helping those in need. This promotes tourism in the developing countries where most of the volunteer programs are targeted.
  5. Tourism is a worldwide phenomenon, but volunteering has yet to keep its feet firmly on the ground. Despite being fairly new, it has proven to be a big factor in promoting tourism in the developing world. The arrival of volunteers in a country also generates new product and services, along with qualified human resource specializing in tourism. This promotes sustainable tourism by bringing in positive experience for local people and those involved in tourism.


As we know, the already struggling developing nations are in need of capable manpower as well as capital. At the same time, tourists are in need of worthy travel packages that provide travel opportunities while also allowing them to help the needy. If the developing nations and their travel packages can tap into this idea, it could bring about a win-win situation for both. Travelers take home a sense of fulfillment along with travel experiences whereas the developing countries promote tourism for a much needed economic boost!


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